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G-Pro is a General Professional Builders service in a cost-effective and timely approach without sacrificing quality. We have combined 16 years experience in the industry specializing in House Additions, General Remodeling "Residential & Commercial" Services in Palm Beach and Broward County.

Any remodeling project, be it residential or commercial construction, small or large construction, is an important project to the customer hiring a contractor. Remodeling projects in Palm Beach & Broward County be they a relatively simple home improvement project such as a painting or flooring replacement job or a vast commercial complete re-design and build, brings a lot of responsibility to the general contractor assuming control of the job. 


At G Pro Builders Co., we understand both the responsibility and the liability involved when we sign a home remodeling contract, place a bid, or take control of a site. Responsibility, professionalism and customer service are what we've built and pin our reputation on.

Modern House


- General Remodeling

- Bathroom Remodeling

- Kitchen Remodeling

- Decks & Patios

- Home Additions

- Outdoor

- New Homes

- Commercial Remodeling


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you Mr. Giovanni and your team at G Pro Builders who were involved in making our addition a complete success. The entire G Pro team was fantastic to work with and my husband has told many people, we felt like we were building a home of family. We as a family made the decision to build with G Pro because for the first time, when meeting with a builder, we felt that you truly listened to our needs and wishes and that never changed throughout the entire process. 

—  Mss. Suba Family  

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